"Saving Old Buildings and neighborhoods
is an enormously effective way to provide
continuity in the places where we live."
– Dwight Young

The Smith House Project

Through the passion and perseverance of our dedicated members, we have rescued our first historic structure from demolition!

The Smith House, located at 721 Grant Street, city lot 92, was built circa 1868 by prominent, pioneer residents Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Smith. The Smith house consists of two structures of modest detail. The forward portion is a gable-end, central passage, hall and parlor design which is connected to a hipped roof, saddlebag structure in the rear.

Mr. Smith was the editor of the Brunswick Appeal newspaper and also owned several other properties in town. The Smith family owned the home from 1868 until the death of Frances Smith in 1960. During the Smith daughters' tenure, the house served as both their home and local school.

The Smith family members are all interred at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Brunswick.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to Mr. Neil Foster who made this acquisition possible.

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